keyboard_arrow_right Coworking Space

Not just a coworking space, but a hybrid solution – standard office + flex space


An opportunity for:

  • Combining home office and main office every week
  • Collaboration & networking
  • Work outside the office working space
  • Healthier working conditions

Shared parking spaces

A system for shared use of the parking spaces is available. The employees could use more efficiently parking lots contributed to a specific tenant, if they are physically present in the office.

Social area

Building where the employees to want to come and stay.

Except the sitting areas with sofas, Wi-Fi, restaurant, and café, Synergy Tower offers a wide range of amenities and extras.

Social events

We are planning to organize a program with social events that will enliven the building. Such as:


Safe and convenient place to grow and take care of your children. We are working with one of the well-known and reputable operators of private kinder gardens – “Toddlers academy” – to create on the ground floor of the building a bilingual kinder garden licensed by the Ministry of education. All tenants will be able to take advantage of preferential terms for their children.

Health improving solutions

Other amenities: